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In one case out of a hundred a point is excessively discussed because it is obscure; in the ninety-nine remaining it is obscure because it is excessively discussed. - Edgar Allan Poe
My ideas will not be discussed, they will be executed. - Amit Kalantri
As discussed earlier, when it comes to music, most of us tend to have confidence in our taste even though we may totally lack knowledge regarding historical development or compositional theory. I frequently hear, "I don't know anything about art" but hardly ever, "I don't know anything about music". - Michael Findlay
Love is better experienced than discussed. - Matshona Dhliwayo
Wherever freedom is being discussed, we're all part of the conversation. - Marty Rubin
Sluka shook her head. "We're talking about them in the past tense, and we never even discussed them in the present. It's like their only reason for existing was so they could die. - Alastair Reynolds
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