Quotation Explorer - 'Fornication'

The sin of fornication hinders a person from enjoying God's blessings - Sunday Adelaja
Fornication is the murderer of champions and of people who have success, power, wisdom and anointing. - Sunday Adelaja
The spirit of fornication and adultery robs a man of his authority in the spiritual realm. - Sunday Adelaja
The end result of adultery and fornication is spiritual and even physical death. - Sunday Adelaja
Fornication deprives a person of his spiritual covering. - Sunday Adelaja
Fornication and adultery unleash destructive consequences into a person's life:• Poverty;• Lack of perception;• Loss of respect and mutual acceptance;• Children with shattered futures;• Dullness of the senses and of the intellect;• Deterioration of health. - Sunday Adelaja
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