Quotation Explorer - 'Graced'

In health the flesh is graced, the holy enters the world. - Wendell Berry
In league with being graced by greatness, prepare to be greeted, by all that is beneath you. - Justin K. McFarlane Beau
I turn my heart to the light and receive its beauty and nourishment. I turn my heart to the shadows as they reveal hues, shades and textures that contrast the light. I turn my heart to them both and embrace their gifts, for they have graced me with blessings untold. - Kristin Granger
Have faith in serendipity & allow yourself to be graced with rose petals on your path. Fabricate your ideas into actions with the purest intentions you can muster. - Kether Peterson
Ninja Mom's are graced to finish the raise set before them! - Anna M. Aquino
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