Quotation Explorer - 'Stereotype'

Reducing a group to a slur or stereotype reduces us all. - DaShanne Stokes
I am a rare species, not a stereotype. - Ivan E. Coyote
It's not a stereotype if it's always true. - Daniel Tosh
A chic type, a rough type, an odd type - but never a stereotype
Racism doesn't have to fit our stereotypes for what it is in order for it to hurt - but it also means that tools for dismantling the system don't have it fit our stereotype either. - Simon S. Tam
The stereotype is the Eternal Feminine. She is the Sexual Object sought by all men, and by all woman. She is of neither sex, for she has herself no sex at all. Her value is solely attested by the demand she excites in others. - Germaine Greer
Truth is not a stereotype. - A.D. Posey
I don’t think they can deal with someone being complex and contradictory; it’s not acceptable, you have to be a cartoon, a stereotype. - Shirley Manson
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