Quotation Explorer - 'Unnerving'

Isn't it a bit unnerving that doctors call what they do "practice?" - George Carlin
There are all sorts of kisses... from the sticky confection to the kiss of death. Of them all, the kiss of an actress is the most unnerving. How can we tell is she means it or if she's just practicing? - Ruth Gordon
It's unnerving how you fit in the basin of my thighs. - Audrey Rey
The only antidote to the unnerving effects of such incoherence is integrity. People and organizations with integrity are wholly themselves. No aspect of self stands different or apart. At their center is clarity, not conflict. When they go inside to find themselves, there is only one self there. - Margaret Wheatley
It's an unnerving thought that we may be the living universe's supreme achievement and its worst nightmare simultaneously. - Bill Bryson
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