Quotation Explorer - 'Bert Mccoy'

Awareness is absence of seaking. - Bert McCoy
The wind plays its own music. - Bert McCoy
Be aware of yourself without thinking or looking in the mirror - Bert McCoy
what is not true does not exist in this moment. - Bert McCoy
Books are silent, but have the ability to scream. - Bert McCoy
Who do you love more, your thoughts or God? - Bert McCoy
Water doesn't know where it's going to flow, it just flows. - Bert McCoy
I teach what compels us to question our reality - Bert McCoy
To see the positive or not to see the positive, this is the question. - Bert McCoy
Don't be so loyal to your mind; the mind is not loyal to You. - Bert McCoy
To be the body-mind or not to be the body-mind, this is the question. - Bert McCoy
The changless part in you recognizes change - Bert McCoy
In deep sleep we are one. - Bert McCoy
The background of samsara is bliss - Bert McCoy
Sarcasm is waster on the young. - Bert McCoy
The mind never has anything new to say-all it knows is of the past. - Bert McCoy
Sometimes you just have to take the pie in the face. - Bert McCoy
You are the proof of everything - Bert McCoy
Seeking enlightenment is a waste of your time. ..In reality there is no seeker, no search, and no words. - Bert McCoy
It has taken me quite a few years to realize the fact that most of the thoughts in my head are not necessary. - Bert McCoy
When you start to question you are part of the problem. - Bert McCoy
Grace calls us back to nonduality - Bert McCoy
When you follow your thoughts you follow a ghost. - Bert McCoy
History is nothing new. - Bert McCoy
Our supreme purpose here is to discard our false identity and realize the Atman within. - Bert McCoy
Art depicts life and life depicts art. - Bert McCoy
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