Quotation Explorer - 'Brian Spellman'

When all seems hopeless, cross your fingers and stick with the secular prayer. - Brian Spellman
If life was fair ... one third of the people would comprise of judges and lawyers ... one third of police and prison officials ... and one third of legislators ... and one third more to make the other three thirds make any sense at all .... Thank goodness for no fair. - Brian Spellman
Dad got furious when we lied to him. No, Dad got furious then we lied to him. - Brian Spellman
Our atheist thoughts go out to his family following their loss. - Brian Spellman
Psychosis is person less persona, raving sincerity. - Brian Spellman
I'm all groan up in America. - Brian Spellman
Honesty is the best insurance policy. - Brian Spellman
Billions of years before twelve step groups, God committed shotgun suicide. Today wall scrapings share His gratitude stories. - Brian Spellman
When to others it's not lying. It's privacy. - Brian Spellman
All porn stars on Animal Farm are equal but some porn scenes are more unequal than others. - Brian Spellman
I awoke to a daymare. Life. - Brian Spellman
I overreacted to praise, signing an autograph. I'd write a check to buy it back. - Brian Spellman
A bind is when you're quadriplegic, suicidal about that and unable to persuade your best friend to murder you. - Brian Spellman
You can't stop a man from stopping himself. - Brian Spellman
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