Quotation Explorer - 'Chandan Sharma'

The stories are not made, they are discovered. - Chandan Sharma
If you are reading this, you will get what you want. Believe in yourself and that's inspiration. - Chandan Sharma
I never ask perception about me to anyone but mirror, it never lies. - Chandan Sharma
Life is not about being complacent, its all about being competent. - Chandan Sharma
Commas' nourishes your desires and full-stop kills. - Chandan Sharma
How old you would become if you don't know how young you are. - Chandan Sharma
We create words, words create wonders. - Chandan Sharma
Being a word wielder is far better than being a sword wielder. Greatest thing is you can still change the world. - Chandan Sharma
If I'll be funnier than this, I'll become a joke. - Chandan Sharma
Sleeping' is being 'awake' in a world you want to be in. - Chandan Sharma
People who say they don't have time, in fact have no plans to do anything. - Chandan Sharma
Trust doesn't need any proof, its always hypothetical. - Chandan Sharma
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