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An INDEPENDENT Mind......is a terrible thing to waste - Dana Gore
My ego is my employee and I, the witness, am its employer. - Dana Gore
As we try to change society to fit our standards and bring about the sense of peace we long for, it is only when we turn inwards, clean our own backyards and serve as a source of inspiration that society will improve on its own. - Dana Gore
A scattered mind will produce scattered results. - Dana Gore
So often we focus on finding answers to life's mysteries...when in reality, a wiser approach is to start asking better questions, and more of them. - Dana Gore
Until we face the war within ourselves, the world will never change. - Dana Gore
When humanity stops confusing the construct with the Kingdom - we'll begin to recognize the Truth. - Dana Gore
Freedom is what's left when the belief systems deconstruct. - Dana Gore
It seems wise to spend time and energy on fixing the problems we see out there - but if we don't take a step back and see the OVERALL big picture - the real CAUSE of all of these results that we're focused on - our efforts will only go so far. - Dana Gore
The best source of information to use as frequently as possible......is your own bullshit meter. - Dana Gore
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