Quotation Explorer - 'Harrish Sairaman'

We just move from one addiction to the other, choose your addiction! - Harrish Sairaman
The Outer world is just a feedback of your INNER WORLD! - Harrish Sairaman
Confusion is still better than conviction in the wrong!!!! - Harrish Sairaman
The job of every belief is to validate itself by giving you an EXPERIENCE!! - Harrish Sairaman
If you open your eyes in the morning, it is just another day of opportunity to improve your Life! - Harrish Sairaman
You only encounter problems that You can handle!!!! - Harrish Sairaman
How you respond in the ‘valley’ determines how quickly reach the Peak. - Harrish Sairaman
If you have to slog your ass everyday to achieve your goals, you are not doing something RIGHT!!! - Harrish Sairaman
Assumptions can be dangerous, JUST ASK!! - Harrish Sairaman
When one thing becomes TRUE for you the PARADOX becomes a BLIND SPOT! - Harrish Sairaman
Be Happy not Satisfied; Focus on what you have to be HAPPY and focus on your potential to feel ‘NOT SATISFIED - Harrish Sairaman
Questions can either bond you or liberate!!! Its all depends on what you ask. - Harrish Sairaman
Be HAPPY coz you DESERVE IT!!! - Harrish Sairaman
Knowledge is not Power, its is potential power! - Harrish Sairaman
Its not about reaching a Peak but to develop an attitude of discovering new Peaks in Life! - Harrish Sairaman
If your eyes and mind can SEE IT, the body does not require external motivation to get motivated. - Harrish Sairaman
FEAR is always about the FUTURE, felt in the PRESENT based on the PAST! - Harrish Sairaman
Tough people in your Life only make you TOUGH ! - Harrish Sairaman
Perceptions may not be true, but its true for YOU! - Harrish Sairaman
Peak Performance is not a destination but a journey! - Harrish Sairaman
Some people want to know their future; trust me it gets BORING! - Harrish Sairaman
IF you want to learn, there is enough to learn till the last breath!! - Harrish Sairaman
Fantasize that everything around you is bringing you LUCK! - Harrish Sairaman
The last 30 minutes before you sleep is the time when the most fertile land of your subconscious is accessible! What you SOW is what you REAP! - Harrish Sairaman
Others behavior towards us is a reflection of our own behavior, it’s a MIRROR. - Harrish Sairaman
Seeing either Obstacles or Opportunities is a CHOICE! - Harrish Sairaman
Do not spend time in things that do not matter with people who matter! - Harrish Sairaman
Opportunity always knocks; it depends on whether we perceive it as noise or the music of opportunity. - Harrish Sairaman
AT any given time we are either taking Ownership or Blaming, Ownership is a better choice!! - Harrish Sairaman
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