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Difficult roads always end up in beautiful DESTINATION. - Harsh Malik
Diamonds are the result of extreme pressures. So is success. - Harsh Malik
Age never matters when there is a will to learn more will to learn better.!!Always remember, every success story begins with a START.!!Anyone can desire but there are few who DESERVE.!!Anyone can desire, be the one who DESERVE.!! - Harsh Malik
Be fearless in the chase of your dream. - Harsh Malik
How focused you are, defines the intensity of success you are going to get. - Harsh Malik
How productive you are under pressures determines your POTENTIAL - Harsh Malik
Dreams are to be chased not to be kept in the memories. - Harsh Malik
Even if the path seems blurry, stay focused on your GOAL. - Harsh Malik
Be fearless in pursuit of your goal. - Harsh Malik
If you learned to live in mediocrity, you have never learned to live.if you still need introduction, you still need to work hard.If you want a short cut to success, try your WILL POWER.If you want a successful life, then take chances and make changes - Harsh Malik
How you handle Failure, determines your success. How you rise after a fall is going to define you. I don’t care how dedicated you are, I want to know how OBSESSED can you be. I don’t LOVE what I do, I LIVE it. - Harsh Malik
Doesn’t matter if you fail to succeed. What matters is, if you fail to try. - Harsh Malik
Be ready for huge failures to achieve huge success, Be receptive for criticism. It can be constructive too.! - Harsh Malik
Students should be told, how to think, not what to think. - Harsh Malik
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