Quotation Explorer - 'Jenim Dibie'

You are my favourite part of me. - Jenim Dibie
The things you let go will someday teach you how to fly. - Jenim Dibie
I write to create a sky where the moon can touch the sun and not get burned. - Jenim Dibie
The pen, a double-edged mystery: cuts the writer, heals the reader. - Jenim Dibie
As I read you I fell in love with the holes between your words and I loved you most on the days you could not love yourself. - Jenim Dibie
Your words were music to me tonight, but you weren't mine to listen to. - Jenim Dibie
And on the days I couldn't breathe, I learned to paint air. - Jenim Dibie
Your eyes see me in ways the mirror never could. - Jenim Dibie
Hearts of gold are heavy. - Jenim Dibie
We crafted everything that hurt us into art. - Jenim Dibie
Every avalanche was once a lonely snowflake, every flood was once an aching raindrop. - Jenim Dibie
Everything that drowned me taught me how to swim. - Jenim Dibie
I hope my forgiveness reminds you,Of the part you forgot to break in me. - Jenim Dibie
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