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Humans hunt and kill maneaters.What if animals hunted animal eaters?! - Manoj Vaz
Don't stop livingbefore you stop breathing. - Manoj Vaz
Depravity and decadence are two sides of the same coin. - Manoj Vaz
Set Goals, not Limits. - Manoj Vaz
In life, I have learnt that the more I learnt about life, the sadder I became and the sadder I became the desire to learn about life increased. - Manoj Vaz
If everybody agrees with your point of view, you haven't thought hard enough. - Manoj Vaz
Life nurtures.Life tortures.Either way, you come out stronger! - Manoj Vaz
Don't try to understand women.Women don't want to be understood,they just want to be loved.It is men who crave understanding. - Manoj Vaz
Love is like is like the setting sunafter shining brightly, it dips steadilytill it disappears...only to resurface another day. - Manoj Vaz
A thinking man can never be brave. - Manoj Vaz
Everybody learns from their own mistakes.The wise learn from mistakes others make. - Manoj Vaz
We do not fear death.We fear not having lived enough. - Manoj Vaz
To conform is to be average. - Manoj Vaz
Never cry for the same person twice. - Manoj Vaz
To gain significance, you must first realise that you are insignificant. - Manoj Vaz
Life may not have dealt you a great set of cards... but who says the one with better cards will win? - Manoj Vaz
Life isn't complicated.We are. - Manoj Vaz
Between hope and despair treads a life without love! - Manoj Vaz
To win the rat race, you have to think and behave like a cat. - Manoj Vaz
Don't expect life to serve you what you expect. Just enjoy the buffet. - Manoj Vaz
Fiction has to be well researched, properly conceived and logically presented.Reality needs none of the above. - Manoj Vaz
Fantasies are the escape that every prisoner of the soul indulges in. - Manoj Vaz
Everybody looks good in their own mirror! - Manoj Vaz
Your achievements die with you.Your deeds live on as your legacy! - Manoj Vaz
Life will test you, hurt you, betray you, break you, swallow you, shatter you... but as long as it doesn't leave you, you still have a shot. - Manoj Vaz
Where there is no will,there is always a way out. - Manoj Vaz
God is a necessary evil. - Manoj Vaz
Man is the only animal on earth intelligent enough to invent God and foolish enough to believe in Him. - Manoj Vaz
There is no truth.There is only perceptionand perception is reality! - Manoj Vaz
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