Quotation Explorer - 'Marilyn Suttle'

Get in touch with your passion and put it to work at work. - Marilyn Suttle
Thank your customer for complaining and mean it. Most will never bother to complain. They'll just walk away. - Marilyn Suttle
Cater to your customers’ lifestyles. It will create instant rapport and a lasting sense of I belong here. - Marilyn Suttle
Truth builds trust. - Marilyn Suttle
If you take the approach of earning your customers’ business every day and treating them well, they’re less likely to try someone else. - Marilyn Suttle
People who work in an environment where doing their best is recognized have a better chance of feeling good about their work. - Marilyn Suttle
Your customers are responsible for your company’s reason for existing. - Marilyn Suttle
After each customer interaction, notice if you gave them a happy to see you kind of experience. - Marilyn Suttle
Feelings have more to do with the story you tell yourself than the facts. - Marilyn Suttle
Customers are human and humans can view situations in unexpected ways. - Marilyn Suttle
When you give appreciation IN ORDER TO get something– it's manipulation and people can sense it. Appreciate genuinely. - Marilyn Suttle
Optimists move through life with a happy exterior. What happens on the inside shows up on the outside. - Marilyn Suttle
Moods can be contagious. Don't catch or spread a bad mood. - Marilyn Suttle
Look for the positive qualities in your client's negative behavior. - Marilyn Suttle
How you think about your customers influences how you respond to them. - Marilyn Suttle
Notice the difference between being in control and needing control. - Marilyn Suttle
When you depersonalize abrasive behavior and see it as a call for help you become a catalyst for the best kind of change. - Marilyn Suttle
When you’re busy, avoid taking the quickest action. Instead make the extra effort to truly serve the customer. - Marilyn Suttle
Do an evening review at the end of the day to reflect on what went well, and what you'd do differently next time. - Marilyn Suttle
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