Quotation Explorer - 'Mary-Ellen Peters'

Emotion is the unseen transported on the unseen effecting everything". - Mary-Ellen Peters
Creativity never disappoints". - Mary-Ellen Peters
It's not the end of the road, it's just the end of the road work. - Mary-Ellen Peters
Tears are the souls raindrops softening the hard ground life can produce. - Mary-Ellen Peters
Life can get tough, but it's never impossible with a good attitude to your latitude. - Mary-Ellen Peters
Ostracism is just another form of racism! - Mary-Ellen Peters
Digest your experiences well and let this nourish the body of your life. - Mary-Ellen Peters
If you simply love the Universe, the Universe can't help but love you straight back! - Mary-Ellen Peters
Honesty is a big ticket item seemingly just out of the reach of the frivolous! - Mary-Ellen Peters
Everywhere my feet have touched on this planet has been magic, why cant others see it this way? - Mary-Ellen Peters
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