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Stop taking identity in illness and start taking identity in wellness - Nina Leavins
Don't get hooked on taking identity in illness and diagnosis, there is only a body in balance or a body out of balance. Get your body balanced. - Nina Leavins
The Best Health Care Plan Is A Self Care Plan - Nina Leavins
When the body is in trouble, we must find and eliminate the cause, not medicate the symptom - Nina Leavins
The Self Care Formula is simple-NITO(5R). Nutrients In & Toxins Out in the 5 Realms (Mental, Emotional, Physical, Environmental, Spiritual). - Nina Leavins
The Self Care Formula is simple. It is NITO(5R)...that is Nutrients In and Toxins Out in the 5 Realms the body works in (Mental, Emotional, Physical, Environmental and Spiritual). Unfortunately, we are doing TINO(5R) that is toxins in and nutrients out. - Nina Leavins
If weakness pervades the body, then it's mind we must strengthen - Nina Leavins
Get off the Medical System and onto the Self Care System - Nina Leavins
Make the second 50 the best 50 - Nina Leavins
Stop using the medical system and start using the self care system - Nina Leavins
Only bacteria thrive and live well in a poorly cared for body. - Nina Leavins
If we all started using the Self Care System, there would hardly be need for the Medical System - Nina Leavins
The medical system serves a very important purpose for many, but our most common lifestyle diseases are better served with use of the Self Care System. - Nina Leavins
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