Quotation Explorer - 'Paul Auster'

Reason and memory are nearly always at odds. - Paul Auster
All the happiness of man stems from one thing only: that he is incapable of staying quietly in his room. - Paul Auster
but even the facts do not always tell the truth - Paul Auster
Memory is the space in which a thing happens for a second time. - Paul Auster
And that's why books are never going to die. It's impossible. It's the only time we really go into the mind of a stranger, and we find our common humanity doing this. So the book doesn't only belong to the writer, it belongs to the reader as well, and then together you make it what it is. - Paul Auster
She's too sad to be beautiful. No one that sad can still be beautiful. - Paul Auster
No es que escribir me produzca un gran placer, pero es mucho peor si no lo hago. - Paul Auster
For a man who finds life tolerable only by staying on the surface of himself, it is natural to be satisfied with offering no more than his surface to others. - Paul Auster
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