Quotation Explorer - 'Raaz Ojha'

My short love story gave me lots of memories but i never wanted memories, I wanted you. - Raaz Ojha
Happiness is an art and the one who knows this art lives happily even if they don't have anything. - Raaz Ojha
Dark clouds not only bring thunderstorm, They also bring rain. - Raaz Ojha
Don't just spend your life, live your life becoz life is really awesome. - Raaz Ojha
It depends on you whether you want wrinkles or dimples on your face. - Raaz Ojha
Don't be among those who give up early and regret later. - Raaz Ojha
Too much of anything is not good. But I love her too much. - Raaz Ojha
Thousands of reason are too less to make me sad but a single reason is enough to make me smile. - Raaz Ojha
Some people are just like snake, they will never understand your love. - Raaz Ojha
Most of us are too focused on our future that we forget to live our present. - Raaz Ojha
If you hesitate to learn from others, you will never learn anything new. - Raaz Ojha
I may not die for you, but I am sure I cannot live without u as well. - Raaz Ojha
The first purpose of your life is to find the purpose of your life. - Raaz Ojha
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