Quotation Explorer - 'Robin Dabhi'

The most important people are the once who loved me when i was hardly likable - Robin Dabhi
If you want to be in my life offer me the best of your time , not the one when you have nothing to do ; offer the best of your self and i'll do the same for you. - Robin Dabhi
The day you stop caring about opinions of other , is the first day of you freedom. - Robin Dabhi
Be selfish enough to have self love, self worth and self respect. - Robin Dabhi
There is one thing about time good or bad ; It always changes - Robin Dabhi
People think that success is the key to happiness ,what I have learned is it's actually other way around - Robin Dabhi
The greatest tragedy is not death but a life without love - Robin Dabhi
Before getting upset, always ask yourself: Will this even matter in six months, in a year, or in five years? if the answer is no, then let it go. - Robin Dabhi
We only regret the chances we didn't take - Robin Dabhi
At any given moment you have power to decide how your story is going to end - Robin Dabhi
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