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Love is the shit way to say you care when you are seeking something else. - Rushabh Patel
If bye is meant to be separation, why do people say good bye. - Rushabh Patel
There is no point reminding you the memories you don't remember. - Rushabh Patel
Love is fickle, building relationship is rare - Rushabh Patel
Don't fall for the ones who say, I am always yours. They are liars, unfortunately humans too - Rushabh Patel
If something's permanent, it's definitely not love. - Rushabh Patel
Never underestimate love, as you need estimate to underestimate. - Rushabh Patel
Love is always fake gradually it disappears - Rushabh Patel
I got my heart checked, report says it's perfectly normal, there is no trace of love in it - Rushabh Patel
Sky is the limit for a person's character, even when it's falling. - Rushabh Patel
Every story has an ending, the only thing that matters is good or bad. - Rushabh Patel
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