Quotation Explorer - 'Shampa Sharma'

Her gaze traveled across the western sky that was dotted with clouds and was held by the wintry looking sun, so pure, so lovely, and so impossible to touch. Sheila felt that that was how her love was - Out of reach, unquestionably warm, and as certain as the celestial ball. - Shampa Sharma
Everything good starts with caring. - Shampa Sharma
Love, one way or the other, in whatever form, matters every moment in life. - Shampa Sharma
Take the time out to have a look at yourself, it might help you to appreciate yourself better. - Shampa Sharma
When you love your work, it works better. - Shampa Sharma
There are many ways to love, but mutually is the luckiest. - Shampa Sharma
Never plant a seed if you are not looking forward to the fruit. - Shampa Sharma
However apart, soulmates never part. - Shampa Sharma
When love comes easy, forgiving is hard and forgetting even harder. - Shampa Sharma
Pray, which day is not a women's day!?! - Shampa Sharma
Sometimes you are more comfortable with a person who gets close without coming close. - Shampa Sharma
Anything that comes easy may not be worth it. - Shampa Sharma
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