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Against all odds, beyond every logic, there is hope. - Shilpa Menon
It's easy to make money, a lot tougher to make a difference - Shilpa Menon
Scars heal when you learn to FLY.F(irst) L(ove) Y(ourself). - Shilpa Menon
Failure is the price paid for a lesson. Learn from it. - Shilpa Menon
What separates the best from the rest is just the attitude. - Shilpa Menon
Calm is not a place where there is no noise or activity. It is the ability to be in the midst of these, yet experiencing peace within. - Shilpa Menon
Hope is the first step to healing - Shilpa Menon
The quality of your awareness determines the quality of life you experience. - Shilpa Menon
The power to heal the scars begins with hope. - Shilpa Menon
A roof of harmony can only be built on top of pillars of tolerance. - Shilpa Menon
We are eternal beings, existing in time. - Shilpa Menon
Don't seek, let go & what you are searching for will find you. - Shilpa Menon
It takes a whole lot longer to pull ourselves together than it takes to fall apart.. - Shilpa Menon
With time, scars turn into wisdom. - Shilpa Menon
Most scars are destined long before they are experienced. Healing is however, a choice. - Shilpa Menon
The mechanics of Nature ensures that the shadow of yesterday doesn't eclipse the dawn of tomorrow. - Shilpa Menon
Climate Change is a bit like our advanced societies. Too late to "fix." The only choice left is that we adapt to what we've created. - Shilpa Menon
Healing is not a process, it is a choice. Nothing can heal your scars until you decide to. - Shilpa Menon
Awareness is the eye through which we can experience abundance. - Shilpa Menon
Healing begins with owing your scars & disowning that which caused them - Shilpa Menon
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