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Adjusting to life’s changes may be difficult and something you may not be looking forward to experiencing. Be gentle with yourself and you will find clarity on all levels of encouragement in places and by people you least expect. Remember as it has been said before: This too shall pass! - Steven Cuoco
In order to know the world from the outside, you must know yourself from the inside. - Steven Cuoco
Begin your day by saying "I AM". You will begin to believe that you have control of your life, freedom of expressing yourself with ease, and the clarity to recognize your own truth. - Steven Cuoco
We are all an unforgettable artwork and a story yet to be told. - Steven Cuoco
Enjoy being with yourself, you will then not feel alone. - Steven Cuoco
I see who I am, and I am beyond who I was. - Steven Cuoco
To live in a world that requires you to become someone else, being yourself is your best choice and most valuable accomplishment."- - Steven Cuoco
You deserve more in your life. Think big. Love more and share beyond your limits. You will then become limitless. - Steven Cuoco
Friendships offer more than happiness and a feeling of mutual camaraderie; in time they are most important while giving you permission to ultimately be yourself. - Steven Cuoco
It takes a good leader, with integrity, to enhance a leader with passion. - Steven Cuoco
I dare to believe in the beauty of my dreams, and I use my imagination to see them fulfilled. - Steven Cuoco
Hard work and determination-that is what will get you closer towards accomplishing your goal. - Steven Cuoco
A strong person knows how to keep their life in order. Even with tears in their eyes, they still manage to say 'I'm grateful' with a smile. - Steven Cuoco
My body is a reflection of who I am. - Steven Cuoco
Sometimes great things are best to unleash. - Steven Cuoco
I have found my today because my tomorrow has already come. - Steven Cuoco
Get busy living or get busy trying. Life will move forward with or without you. The question is; will you move forward in life without yourself? - Steven Cuoco
Be the person that will take the first step towards personal success. You will be remembered for it. - Steven Cuoco
We are all an instrument with a special notation to our individual identity. When you incorporate many beautiful notes together, you envelop a harmonious orchestra. - Steven Cuoco
You are your own best friend. Listen to yourself more often than someone else. - Steven Cuoco
You never walk alone when you have yourself by your side. - Steven Cuoco
Discipline yourself so that all expectations, and inspiration, begin with your core values before relying on someone else's to better your life. - Steven Cuoco
Everything in its own time. If your time is not right now, your right now may be soon. - Steven Cuoco
It's time to step out from the shadows and into your light. - Steven Cuoco
Value yourself and those who are in your company will reflect the same image. - Steven Cuoco
Take a moment and sit with yourself. You may find what you are looking for. - Steven Cuoco
Be your own limited edition. - Steven Cuoco
It takes a strong individual to live passionately, and with having quality in their conviction, that sets the results one achieves. - Steven Cuoco
If you want success, then be your own success story. - Steven Cuoco
My past is ahead of me because I am beyond my past. - Steven Cuoco
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