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We are Not Our thought , return to being in You and enjoy the Love that shared by the God(infinity). - Sushil Singh
clouds may fill the sky but they are not the sky.... - Sushil Singh
the most shocking thing when people pray for heaven, from the one and only heaven....! - Sushil Singh
I' is nothing it just a thought..........! - Sushil Singh
if you want to match your beat with the universe look at the deepest level of present. - Sushil Singh
Everyone is good if you see from good side. - Sushil Singh
HOME, which is the last floor for everyone. - Sushil Singh
हम खुद को किस नज़र से देखते है वो अहम नही , हम दूसरे हमें किस नज़र से देखते है बौ अहम है - Sushil Singh
Life has no remote , so wake up and change it. - Sushil Singh
i am not oxytocin but i will try to become, because I am Live In oxytocin Society - Sushil Singh
i didn't want to be success ,i just want to be better than yesterday. - Sushil Singh
Stop identification of your thoughts nd celebrate Now. Bcz life is made up of time that is NOW . . . . .!!! - Sushil Singh
We are not our thought we are just prisoner of our Identification of thought - Sushil Singh
your Life is cover by only one word 'IS', everything else is Just Unnecessary Happening By Your Mind. - Sushil Singh
The secret of life is not in the Die And Live,The secret of life is Don't ever lose your senses in the NOW. - Sushil Singh
आज की इस दौड़ मैं हम ईमानदारी से सिर्फ पेट भर सकते है तरक्की नहीं कर सकते ! - Sushil Singh
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