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Amidst the dim & desolate backdrop that was my world, a seed of hope bloomed into a garden of joyous wonder. - Trevor Driggers
A sad lesson that was mine to learn is that you can't lose what was never truly yours. Nor can you hold to things that simply do not wish to be held. - Trevor Driggers
We put our lives on hold for people who so easily forget about us. - Trevor Driggers
Maybe if we just lay beneath the stars long enough, all our worries will dissipate into the cosmos. And we can lay there motionless, yet sailing across the stars. - Trevor Driggers
The most disappointing part of real life is there's no soundtrack.I think life would be far more wonderful if a corresponding song played during key moments to expressed the tone & feeling of the situation. - Trevor Driggers
Sometimes, we want what we want. Even if we know it's going to kill us. - Trevor Driggers
Even paradise sees its share of storms, but in the end, it's still paradise. - Trevor Driggers
I saw her disappear from my life like a star that fades into obscurity behind a veil of clouds. - Trevor Driggers
I would much rather lose people than compromise my beliefs & values to please them. - Trevor Driggers
Even the brightest stars burn out eventually. - Trevor Driggers
Just take my hand &let us dance under a chandelier of starlight. - Trevor Driggers
Just take my hand & let us dance under a chandelier of starlight. - Trevor Driggers
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