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On a day when secrets shall be outThe man shall have no power nor any helper. - Various
He’s such an extraordinarily brilliant person that it would be terrible if he let himself do nothing in the end. - Various
If they're dumb enough to walk away be , strong enough to let them go - Various
A photograph is the pause button on life. - Various
Have faith. Ye've so much for everyone else. Why not save some for yerself once in a while? - Various
Love is Misunderstanding with Attraction Between Two Body - Various
Take you example by this thing,/ And yield to each his right,/ Lest God with such like miserye/ Your wicked minds requite - Various
Christ in you is the hope of glory..." "Your life moves in the direction of your most dominant thought" "Love is never unsure" "Truth demands a response - Various
Life is full of uncertainties. Ye must grasp the moment. - Various
Evil takes only prisoners….Time takes none."From The Tenth, chapter 28. - Various
When a woman miscarries, the experience of the father is often forgotten. But men grieve pregnancy loss too... - Various
Darkness is a natural fear, one that takes the things you love most, the most valuable innocence, and turns them against you. The struggle is to see past the illusions, and see the light in your fear. - Various
Live. Laugh. Love. - Various
Depression is not always feeling sad. Most of the time it is feeling nothing.Class Struggle and Mental Health: Live to Fight Another Day - Various
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