Quotation Explorer - 'Checks'

In lieu of those checks and balances central to our legal system,non-citizens face an executive that is now investigator, prosecutor,judge, jury and jailer or executioner. In an Orwellian twist, Bush'sorder calls this Soviet-style abomination 'a full and fair trial. - William Safire
I'm a writer. I write checks. Mostly fiction. - Wendy Liebman
SCCS is the source-code motel -- your code checks in but it never checks out.
Good resolutions are simply checks that men draw on a bank where they have no account. - Oscar Wilde
True friendship has no checks or balances. Once someone starts Keeping Score, the game is over. - Kate McGahan
Rather than signalling the aspiration for system of checks and balances against absolute power, democracy become a euphemism for majority rule. - Peter Mansfield
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