Quotation Explorer - 'A Gentlemen'

No evil being was ever wise: they are all against every wise man's critics. - A Gentlemen
MIGHT, something God only has. - A Gentlemen
Pretend you are a foolish to the tyrant because if he realizes you are a genius, he might use you to harm others. - A Gentlemen
laughing is good. so long as you are not insulting anyone. - A Gentlemen
precious laughing time is wasted, because I have to put up with Satan's stupid minions who smile without attempting to anger somebody else - leave us alone already. - A Gentlemen
Pretend you are foolish to the foolish, and be yourself when you are alone or with others like you, because if you take the foolish seriously as your friend, you might be a fool yourself. - A Gentlemen
I'll be quite for now because I make mistakes too... but once The Perfect Almighty One judges you, there are no excuses. - A Gentlemen
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