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I am lost in the paradigm of life, death and time. The only thing I have learnt about this paradigm is that the time is running between life and death and with every passing day we are getting closer to the death and truth is that time is running for Good. - AnkitMishra
Don’t let your consciousness polluted by the sheen of the clothing. White, black, brown or any color of the skin is nothing but the clothing we are born with and remember that eventually we all are connected dots of this universe through our souls. - AnkitMishra
Drink your Desires to taste your self! - AnkitMishra
We don't know that we don't own or owe Anything (In mathematical terms we are sifar), so keep walking as long as your legs are moving towards the infinite. Your own Ego is the only obstacle in this journey, earlier you get rid of it sooner will you find the infinite peace. - AnkitMishra
इंसान ने डरना, अब बंद सा कर दिया है खुदाई से,युहीं कोई अपनों का क़त्ल नहीं करता - AnkitMishra
होंगे कहने को धर्म यहाँ, हिन्दू का जहाँ मुस्लिम का जहाँ,मेरी नज़रों में सिर्फ एक जहाँ, रहता है अदद इंसान जहाँ - AnkitMishra
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