Quotation Explorer - 'Independent Zen'

Reach out to the world. Be open. Help others and in doing so help yourself. - Independent Zen
Nature has a healing power that teaches us that we are a part of a larger world. - Independent Zen
Embrace pain. Channel it properly to grow stronger and more resilient. Turn negatives into positives. Change your perspective. Love yourself - Independent Zen
Love is powerful. If you want more of it in your life be grateful for what you have and love whenever you can. Positive mind-state essential. - Independent Zen
Love has many names including compassion, caring, concern,friendship, kindness,goodwill, altruism and benevolence. - Independent Zen
The positive effect music has in our lives is understated. It can influence mind-state and motivate us to reach for the stars. - Independent Zen
Change takes time self-discipline, resilience and calmness of mind. - Independent Zen
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