Quotation Explorer - 'Jackson Taviri'

It is hard to be kind to those who smack the hands that feed you. - Jackson Taviri
The toughest competition you can ever face is between you and your emotion.would you get the best of it or let it get the best of you - Jackson Taviri
Some things have a natural way of solving themselves. Sometimes you just have to let it go and observe it get solved. - Jackson Taviri
Everyone is unique in their own special way. - Jackson Taviri
Mountains were made to climb, therefore dont cry when you see one. - Jackson Taviri
There are two things that govern life.It is Positivity and Negativity.You can see life with a Positive eye or drag yourself into a Negative Action. - Jackson Taviri
Liers cannot be lied to because they know everything can be a lie. - Jackson Taviri
A man without a good heart is like a roaring fire in a dry field.he damages wherever he sets foot and moves on. - Jackson Taviri
Out of all the things in life sometimes its the kindness you cant repay that really hurt. - Jackson Taviri
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