Quotation Explorer - 'Julian Fellowes'

I don't want my own son to die, but this is a war and we must be in it together. High and low. Rich and poor. There can be no special cases because every man at the front is a special case to someone. - Julian Fellowes
Any bride who doesn't suck up to their husband's mother is a fool. - Julian Fellowes
You never know people, do you? You can work with 'em for twenty years; you don't know 'em at all. - Julian Fellowes
Lawyers are always confident before the verdict. It's only after that they share their doubts. - Julian Fellowes
Life is a game in which the player must appear ridiculous. - Julian Fellowes
I never know which is worse: the sorrow when you hit the bird or the shame when you miss it. - Julian Fellowes
It's the gloomy things that need our help, if everything in the garden is sunny, why meddle? - Julian Fellowes
War makes early risers of us all. - Julian Fellowes
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