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Pampered content is a public resignation of artistic integrity. - Kevin Focke
Death is the first and final entry in the book of this life. - Kevin Focke
Time makes the ordinary extraordinary and the extraordinary ordinary. - Kevin Focke
Be creative, be innovative, consume what everyone consumes and make it fresh! - Kevin Focke
In my opinion, works of art should be viewed as gifts; something precious given from a point of empathy, where personal enrichment is vastly superior to the value of the gift, and the giver begs for nothing but for the gift to shine on its own. - Kevin Focke
Bloated software causes IT stress farts. - Kevin Focke
When I’m passionate about something I strive for excellence, judging whether or not I achieved it is up to the audience. - Kevin Focke
When you aim for the stars even if you fail you’ll be a falling star, and that’s still wish-granting material. - Kevin Focke
Money changes people. This process is more commonly known as trading. - Kevin Focke
Trial. (Fail.) (Succeed.) Repeat. - Kevin Focke
Art has simple founding principles: Less is more, more or less; fill in the blanks with no filler. - Kevin Focke
When you aim for the stars even if you fail you’ll be a falling star, and that’s wish-fulfilling material. - Kevin Focke
You won't know how much you’ll miss someone until they’re gone. Go give them a big hug while you have the chance. - Kevin Focke
It’s a sad fact that some people are only remembered once they’re dead. - Kevin Focke
I don’t experience writer’s block, I only have periods of severe writer’s diarrhoea; an incoherent mess of unfitting words placed in random sentences. Luckily, I can usually separate the shit from the shit later on. - Kevin Focke
Progress is hard, achievements are easy, and giving up is easier still. - Kevin Focke
Relatable escapism can only be achieved using facets of the real world. - Kevin Focke
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