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Teachers are endless Fragrance, which lasts forever in mind of students as Knowledge - Samar Sudha
Behind branches, my Moon shines''Distance we have, it defines''Down side as, it has a lake''Due to AUTUMN, the tree got naked''Which made my Moons appear''but after SPRING, the sight would be rare''After a circle, the Day will come again''You would be here, but I will gonna change' - Samar Sudha
Whether you choose left or right path,but the destination should have the contentment of Soul"- - Samar Sudha
Mistakes could be improved if, It hits on Heart - Samar Sudha
Meditation' an exercise to keep positive things in mind by getting rid of the negatives - Samar Sudha
Life is a Business, by Worship of Human being, we Earn good Deeds'' - - Samar Sudha
When a heart gets hurt, its pain comes over the words.― - Samar Sudha
Love is not like Ice, that melts but the foundation of Respect, Love and Care - Samar Sudha
TIME' is something to invest but for failed people, it is a thing to be passed. - Samar Sudha
Everyday Sun shines for new Experiences - Samar Sudha
Every Moment can be History of tomorrow but its upon us what to do with this Moment"- - Samar Sudha
Loneliness is that feeling to understand your own Self - Samar Sudha
In Patience there is GOD - Samar Sudha
God has sent us with treasure of thoughts, we just need to explore that - Samar Sudha
Life is a question, to live it positively is the Answer - Samar Sudha
Respect towards humanity may get weaken when it comes about Stomach, Shelter and Sleep - Samar Sudha
Mystery always there in my words, now these are knives and will shine like Swords" - - Samar Sudha
TRUST"'A soft thread, that could broken while checking it - Samar Sudha
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