Quotation Explorer - 'Trumps'

Character trumps circumstance every time. - R.A.Delmonico
Egalitarianism trumps elitism. Only a selfish fool will tell you otherwise - Jonny Oates
Fear trumps empathy. - Cindy Aime
I'd imagine "murderess" trumps "wife" when defining a close relationship. - Robert Galbraith
The main message of Jesus, I believed, is that mercy trumps justice every time. Not only that, but maybe the basic message of original sin isn't "feel guilty all the time." Maybe it is more along these lines: "We all have a notion of what it means to be good, and we can't live up to it all the time. - Paul Kalanithi
REAL trumps PERFECT... because REAL creates TRUST. - Ted Rubin
Intelligence rarely trumps human nature. - Travis Luedke
Work begins when the fear of doing nothing at all finally trumps the terror of doing it badly. - Alain de Botton
Love trumps hate. Always has and always will - Johnny Corn
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