Quotation Explorer - 'H.W. Brands'

When he came in first, he was happy to find all sorts of meaning in the results. - H.W. Brands
He was a product of a culture where it was generally counterproductive to hold grudges. - H.W. Brands
His was a quiet but persistent charisma. - H.W. Brands
He forced himself into good spirits. - H.W. Brands
One of George H. W. Bush's early teachers at Andover wrote, "At the moment he is intellectually immature for his powers of reasoning are not entirely developed. - H.W. Brands
Publicity is the engine of politics. - H.W. Brands
He was a generous but subtly demanding boss. - H.W. Brands
He made his character his platform. - H.W. Brands
Fatigue could be the dealmaker's friend. - H.W. Brands
Looking back on his adolescence from the vantage point of his mid-eighties, George H.W. Bush candidly admitted, "I might have been obsessed with bodies boobs they are now called. But what seventeen-year-old kid was not? Guilty am I. - H.W. Brands
Time after time during the next six months, he would put me together again. - H.W. Brands
Such was the code: Strive for victory, but never seem to be self-involved. - H.W. Brands
He understood the code of his social class enough to affect an air of indifference about life. - H.W. Brands
He was trying to find his footing in a world both familiar and foreign - H.W. Brands
Accustomed to motion, he was forced to be still. - H.W. Brands
His charm was not electric, but it was enveloping. - H.W. Brands
He did something he rarely did. He decided not to see things from the other guy's point of view. - H.W. Brands
Diplomacy was a long game. - H.W. Brands
Abilene possessed greater vision, perhaps because it possessed little else. - H.W. Brands
The politics of the possible was being replaced by the politics of purity. - H.W. Brands
I can see that spark coming back when he talks about the future. - H.W. Brands
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