Quotation Explorer - 'Ketan R Shah'

Anger kills logical thinking and logical thinking kills anger....the choice is yours - ketan r shah
Peace and anger cannot coexist.in fact there is a high negative corelation , the higher the anger lesser the peace and lesser the anger higher the peace...Zero anger is probably bliss. - ketan r shah
Acknowledging and being concious that you are being angry is a battle half won against anger. - ketan r shah
Anger is a super weapon given by god...with a catch...the more you use it the less effective it becomes. - ketan r shah
Rather than trying to control Anger,try deferring it,looking for an alternative way of handling...i bet its more easy as well as more effective. - ketan r shah
Anger may not have been derived from the Hindi word 'angaar' meaning Fire...however coincidentally both are equally destructive. - ketan r shah
if at all,anger has to be exercised.....let it be superficial - ketan r shah
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