Quotation Explorer - 'Kurbhatt'

be determined with patience that's it.. game is yours.. - kurbhatt
let's forget the hope, it's the secondary thing to motivate.the primary one is to approach for it. - kurbhatt
perturbed to put trust on people nowadays, people changes partner as per necessity. :( - kurbhatt
People always give higher priority to newer one, whatever it is.. Relation or thing. - kurbhatt
don't take a multiple shots to have a master piece one, instead wait for a time which will give you a masterpiece at once. - kurbhatt
What a person want in life ?1. Simple, steady life.2. Self satisfaction and craziness from work and life he live.3. Luxury/Royal life.Choice is yours, in which way you want to live. - kurbhatt
It's very hard to do when you put trust on others capability more than yours. - kurbhatt
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