Quotation Explorer - 'Madam Secretary'

We need to forgive the adolescent versions of ourselves, if only because we need the practice to forgive those who are maturing awkwardly in our lives. - Madam Secretary
We need heroes who'll inspire us so that maybe next time we'll dig a little deeper and find our best self. - Madam Secretary
Maybe the best way for you to get us to summon our better selves is for you to show us yours. - Madam Secretary
You can LOBBY anyone. It is the great equalizer." Chief of Staff Russell Jackson - Madam Secretary
Lawyers are lubricants are complicated social intercourse. - Madam Secretary
When everything seems to be lacking integrity, you find it in yourself. - Madam Secretary
I do have to prioritize my end-of-the-world documents. - Madam Secretary
(Chief of Staff) Russell (Jackson) hits the trust reset button every morning. - Madam Secretary
Protests can sometimes, necessarily, simplify things. - Madam Secretary
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