Quotation Explorer - 'Sharon Law Tucker'

Finding your bliss can make survival seem like a joyous journey. And a strange thing happens along the way when you love what you are doing: you become good at it. - Sharon Law Tucker
The power to change comes from within and they have to want to change. Instead, be a role model and encourage by example. - Sharon Law Tucker
I was born a strong, powerful woman, but was raised to be a victim. - Sharon Law Tucker
Give your trust sparingly and only to those who have earned it. - Sharon Law Tucker
Learning to have the confidence to grab the opportunity when it presents itself makes you a winner. - Sharon Law Tucker
Whoever controls the money, controls you! - Sharon Law Tucker
Don't be afraid to say "No". It's empowering. Remember, a "Yes" is a commitment. Give them wisely. - Sharon Law Tucker
Manage your life as you manage your money. - Sharon Law Tucker
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