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Photography is not about costly cameras'. It's about your huge passion and little interest in innovation. - shivangi lavaniya
who says love is better than hate. i feel both gives equivalent pain. - shivangi lavaniya
the more a person smiles... the more is the pain he resides... - shivangi lavaniya
instead of becoming a doctor or an engineer... i chose to be me... a writer :) - shivangi lavaniya
i asked myself "what you wanna become" she replied "everything i am - shivangi lavaniya
beauty pertains with everyone. It's just the perception that defines the differences. - shivangi lavaniya
pain is pondering about past and wishing to relive those moments even after knowing it's impossible. - shivangi lavaniya
and when his lips touched mine forthe very first time . . . i knew he is theone - shivangi lavaniya
Sometimes what we think is good for others... might be destructive for them... you never know - shivangi lavaniya
our earth is the most beautiful mother :) - shivangi lavaniya
Dear smokers, when you burn one stick you not only burnrelationships but also burn your one and only life. - shivangi lavaniya
i have a hurricane of thoughts thatsimply evolves within me andbewilder my inner soul . - shivangi lavaniya
Work so hard that even hard worksays damn he is tougherthan me :) - shivangi lavaniya
obsession either boosts up feeling or just blow iy off... - shivangi lavaniya
and when i look at prime minister mrnarendra modi .i realize nothing in this world isunachievable.if you have the will you will yourselfmake the way. - shivangi lavaniya
nDear smokers, when you burn one stick you not only burnrelationships but also burn your one and only life. - shivangi lavaniya
implementation of thoughts is attainedby few and so is success - shivangi lavaniya
her smile was as beautiful as the only star in a dark night... - shivangi lavaniya
you brought other people close. look at me, i am still the same i was before ; having just two best friends in my case.and you are not happy with me. you hold grudges. So then free yourself. Remove this tag of best friend and feel free. - shivangi lavaniya
friendship is the only treasure which need not to be treasured... - shivangi lavaniya
I wanna love you...but everything i did to you recall me of who i can become and it always keeps me away from you ... - shivangi lavaniya
nature can offer you the biggest gifts only if you are ready to accept. - shivangi lavaniya
Then one day a thought clicked my mind... and even theweirdest event in the past start Making complete sense... - shivangi lavaniya
I would love to become a poor writer as per my choice then a billionaire businessman as per them... - shivangi lavaniya
Hence the migratory bird was about to leave then the other bird just querked and weeped - shivangi lavaniya
sometimes all we can crave is a heavenly place with no one around - shivangi lavaniya
I wanted her love she wanted mine. In the quest of expecting anddisappointing.The almost perfect relationship died. - shivangi lavaniya
your beauty always overpower everything that is anything less... - shivangi lavaniya
What's the reason behind success and failure. The answer is simple ME - shivangi lavaniya
I just wanted your time and it was the only thing i never got... - shivangi lavaniya
Past is meant for lesson not depression... - shivangi lavaniya
the troubles i faced that time now make me realize i really made the best choice.. - shivangi lavaniya
There's one best thing about childhood our genuine smile... - shivangi lavaniya
We don't forget... we remember... but later it becomes so faded and light in our memory that it no longer holds power to influence us anyway... - shivangi lavaniya
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