Quotation Explorer - 'Dixie Waters'

There is no way to undo something already done, or to dress up a naked truth. - Dixie Waters
The way to a woman's heart might best be reached via a short cut. - Dixie Waters
Progress is made by walking down the path, more progress is made, by walking down the right path. - Dixie Waters
When you touch a man's body, he will enjoy the moment, when you touch a man's heart he will remember it forever. - Dixie Waters
The best dreams are the ones you are awake for. - Dixie Waters
Sometimes life itself rewards our early investments. - Dixie Waters
When you draw a line in the sand, be careful it is not low tide. - Dixie Waters
Broken hearts don't need medical treatment, they need a lover to mend them. - Dixie Waters
When you pour out words from your heart to your lover, make sure they aren't on a paper vessel and lost to the wind. - Dixie Waters
Anatomy lessons are much more fun when conducted in a private coed environment. - Dixie Waters
When a man strikes another man, he better have a good reason. There is never a good reason for a man to strike a woman. - Dixie Waters
It is nice to touch, it is nice to be touched, but it is so much nicer to touch someone's heart. - Dixie Waters
Body language speaks much more succinctly and honestly than mere spoken words. - Dixie Waters
When you touch a man’s body, he will enjoy the moment; when you touch a man’s heart, he will remember it forever. - Dixie Waters
You can leave your marks on things, but the most lasting marks are written in the heart. - Dixie Waters
When love breaks your heart, you need to remember, even a broken heart still has a beat. - Dixie Waters
Love is about dreams, don't go to sleep expecting them, make them a reality. - Dixie Waters
A kiss is just a kiss, were words not expressed by a man tied naked to a tree. - Dixie Waters
When you touch a man’s heart, he will remember it forever. - Dixie Waters
There’s a much different message received, when the signs written in the flesh were not in your hand writing. - Dixie Waters
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