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I kept waiting for the part where I’d finally know who I was some flashing, neon moment of relief, but it never came. - Jennifer Elisabeth
Falling in love for the first time is like an instant realization of just how old your soul is. - Jennifer Elisabeth
I write so I don’t call you. - Jennifer Elisabeth
I bruise easily and sometimes I can’t stop bleeding. - Jennifer Elisabeth
My soul hurts. - Jennifer Elisabeth
If you ever find yourself on a path that just doesn't feel safe anymore, you have every right to stop the car. Get out - change your shoes and start walking. - Jennifer Elisabeth
I can feel my life changing and I’m not ready. - Jennifer Elisabeth
I could watch him do this until morning never asking questions and never interrupting his work. I worship quietly his intense focus and attention to detail and then, out of no where, I realize the inconvenient, inappropriate truth: ‘I love this man… and it has swallowed me. - Jennifer Elisabeth
I’ve grown up defined by this desperate, undeniable, ‘can’t breathe’ kind of space inside of myself and I’m afraid that the diagnosis is fatal. - Jennifer Elisabeth
You haunt my days and dreams. - Jennifer Elisabeth
If I had an .MP3 of your heartbeat… I might actually get some sleep. - Jennifer Elisabeth
I tried to push my body through his and completely disappear. - Jennifer Elisabeth
That last time you kissed me my heart slid past your teeth down into the center of your chest… trapping us both in a stainless cage. - Jennifer Elisabeth
Love is my drug of choice, even if it comes laced with pain and disaster. - Jennifer Elisabeth
I tried on different versions of myself. I was so many different girls... - Jennifer Elisabeth
Organizing your emotions reclaims your power over any given drama. Nothing is stronger than your own mind. - Jennifer Elisabeth
Something, somewhere, knows what’s best for me and promises to keep sending me people and experiences to light my way as long as I live in gratitude and keep paying attention to the signs. - Jennifer Elisabeth
He looked at me, that first day, like he had just found something he’d lost a thousand years ago. - Jennifer Elisabeth
But I love you and I want you and I need you. Can’t you see that? This world has nothing to offer me if it doesn’t include you. - Jennifer Elisabeth
Let this time in your life cut you open and drain all of the things that are holding you back. I’m going to help you forgive the things that you won’t let yourself forget. - Jennifer Elisabeth
Sometimes you’re left with only 1 choice: Take what’s yours and run for you life. - Jennifer Elisabeth
I lost my innocence very young and it had nothing to do with sex. - Jennifer Elisabeth
Hope, in anything but myself, is just way too dangerous right now… - Jennifer Elisabeth
Something about him feels like forever… - Jennifer Elisabeth
The Fall will always be yours and mine… - Jennifer Elisabeth
I just want your voice aimed at me again. I want to absorb the direction of your eyes… - Jennifer Elisabeth
I’m going inside of myself and never coming out. - Jennifer Elisabeth
Don't allow yourself to feel guilty about wanting deep and endless love, amazing sex and opportunities that will change your life. Expect these things - work for them and don't ever stop until they're yours. - Jennifer Elisabeth
I think it would shock most people if they really knew what we have each survived by the time we graduate high school. - Jennifer Elisabeth
I met a boy whose eyes showed me that the past, present and future were all the same thing. - Jennifer Elisabeth
I know that your soul is on life support and that you feel lost and like you’re completely spinning out of control, but you’re finding yourself here, tonight… even in this darkness. - Jennifer Elisabeth
I write letters to you that you’ll never see. - Jennifer Elisabeth
I wish that love could be broken down the way it breaks me down. - Jennifer Elisabeth
I’m tired of justifying why I love someone. I’m done with the explaining. - Jennifer Elisabeth
I know that this process of ‘me changing my life’ doesn’t just end once I set fire to this list of things I hate about myself. Tonight isn’t as much of a new beginning as it is a violent end and I know the real work hasn’t even started yet. - Jennifer Elisabeth
If ever I was running, it was towards you. - Jennifer Elisabeth
I love him in ways that I can’t explain to other people. They don’t understand… it’s not their fault. - Jennifer Elisabeth
Everything hurts right now and nothing is helping because as the pain is getting worse so is the love. - Jennifer Elisabeth
We make people into Gods, desperate that they never leave us and hopeful that someday, if we ever deserve it, maybe they’ll love us back even half way. - Jennifer Elisabeth
I want to understand the strings that are tied between me and certain other people and if they really can stretch through infinite time and space without ever breaking. Are soul mates real, and is my life ever going to make sense? - Jennifer Elisabeth
Time' is the most threatening four letter word. - Jennifer Elisabeth
So much has been done to my body, and still, somehow, not enough. - Jennifer Elisabeth
I made you better and you made me worse. - Jennifer Elisabeth
Your personal truth is your gift to the world. - Jennifer Elisabeth
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