Quotation Explorer - 'Juvenal'

Think it the greatest impiety to prefer life to disgrace, and for the sake of life to lose the reason for living. - Juvenal
What's infamy matter when you get to keep your fortune? - Juvenal
Fate would have no divinity if we were wise: it is we who make her a goddess and place her in heaven. - Juvenal
orandum est ut sit mens sana in corpore sano. - Juvenal
Be rich to yourself and poor to your friends. - Juvenal
Be gentle with the young. - Juvenal
Peace visits not the guilty mind. (Nemo Malus Felix) - Juvenal
Refrain from doing ill; for one all powerful reason, lest our children should copy our misdeeds; we are all too prone to imitate whatever is base and depraved. - Juvenal
It is not easy for men to rise whose qualities are thwarted by poverty. - Juvenal
Count it the greatest sin to prefer life to honor, and for the sake of living to lose what makes life worth having. - Juvenal
You should pray for a sound mind in a sound body. - Juvenal
One path alone leads to a life of peace: The path of virtue. - Juvenal
Myself, I prefer life without fires, without nocturnal panics. - Juvenal
Fortune can, for her pleasure, fools advance, And toss them on the wheels of Chance. - Juvenal
A healthy mind in a healthy body. - Juvenal
Nothing is more intolerable than a wealthy woman. - Juvenal
Who will guard the guards themselves? (quis custodiet ipsos custodes?) - Juvenal
The people that once bestowed commands, consulships, legions, and all else, now concerns itself no more, and longs eagerly for just two things - bread and circuses! - Juvenal
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