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To truly learn from someone or something, one must first learn to love them. - Silvia Hartmann
One should not confuse creativity with whining. - Silvia Hartmann
As long as it still hurts, it isn’t love yet. - Silvia Hartmann
The less you think and the more you do, the better things tend to become. - Silvia Hartmann
Play to your strength; then you are always strong. - Silvia Hartmann
Energy work is priceless. It makes every day extraordinary and transforms the mundane to the holy. - Silvia Hartmann
If you are HUMAN, then the limit of what you can do, what you learn, what you can experience HAS NOT YET BEEN REACHED. - Silvia Hartmann
The most precious thing I have to give is my time. - Silvia Hartmann
You are not who you think you are. - Silvia Hartmann
Love corrupts and absolute love corrupts absolutely. The unreasonable systems of men, that is. - Silvia Hartmann
Punishment creates crime. - Silvia Hartmann
One minute of sincere gratitude can wash away a lifetime’s disappointments. - Silvia Hartmann
Why is time more important than money? There is no time lottery where you can hope to win an extra million days ... - Silvia Hartmann
Just because you don’t know how on Earth something might be achieved doesn’t mean you shouldn’t allow yourself to really, really want it. That’s the essence of a dream, the realms of magic and of miracles. - Silvia Hartmann
The more loving we can be, the more powerful we become. - Silvia Hartmann
If you fill your mind with wonderful thoughts, there can be no room left for doubt. - Silvia Hartmann
Making a dream come true is like taking control of an airplane high up in the stratosphere and landing it safely on the ground a measure of forethought, skill and courage is definitely required. - Silvia Hartmann
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