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Time eases all things. - Sophocles
Show me the man who keeps his house in hand,He's fit for public authority. - Sophocles
Rash indeed is he who reckons on the morrow, or haply on days beyond it; for tomorrow is not, until today is past. - Sophocles
Death is not the worst thing; rather, when one who craves death cannot attain even that wish. - Sophocles
You must remember that no one lives a life free from pain and suffering. - Sophocles
One must wait until the evening to see how splendid the day has been. - Sophocles
Much speech is one thing, well-timed speech is another. - Sophocles
To revive sorrow is cruel. - Sophocles
Nobody likes the man who brings bad news. - Sophocles
Reason is God's crowning gift to man. - Sophocles
There is no happiness where there is no wisdom;No wisdom but in submission to the gods.Big words are always punished,And proud men in old age learn to be wise. - Sophocles
A prudent mind can see room for misgiving, lest he who prospers would one day suffer reverse. - Sophocles
Stranger in a strange country. - Sophocles
No man loves life like him that's growing old. - Sophocles
The only crime is pride. - Sophocles
One wordFrees us of all the weight and pain of life:That word is love. - Sophocles
It is not righteousness to outrageA brave man dead, not even though you hate him. - Sophocles
How dreadful knowledge of the truth can beWhen there's no help in truth! - Sophocles
It made our hair stand up in panic fear. - Sophocles
How terrible it is to have wisdom when it does not benefit those who have it. - Sophocles
Without labor nothing prospers. - Sophocles
Hide nothing, for time, which sees all and hears all, exposes all. - Sophocles
One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: That word is love. - Sophocles
The man the state has put in place must have obedient hearing to his least command when it is right, and even when it's not. - Sophocles
The greatest griefs are those we cause ourselves. - Sophocles
I have nothing but contempt for the kind of governor who is afraid, for whatever reason, to follow the course that he knows is best for the State; and as for the man who sets private friendship above the public welfare - I have no use for him either. - Sophocles
All concerns of men go wrong when they wish to cure evil with evil. - Sophocles
The keenest sorrow is to recognize ourselves as the sole cause of all our adversities. - Sophocles
The pains we inflict upon ourselves hurt most of all. - Sophocles
Who feels no ills, should, therefore, fear them; and when fortune smiles, be doubly cautious, lest destruction come remorseless on him, and he fall unpitied. - Sophocles
Men of ill judgment oft ignore the goodThat lies within their hands, till they have lost it. - Sophocles
Death is not the worst; rather, in vainTo wish for death, and not to compass it. - Sophocles
O generations of men, how I count you as equal with those who live not at all! - Sophocles
Ignorant men don't know what good they hold in their hands until they've flung it away. - Sophocles
For God hates utterlyThe bray of bragging tongues. - Sophocles
Grief teaches the steadiest minds to waver. - Sophocles
The ideal conditionWould be, I admit, that men should be right by instinct;But since we are all likely to go astray,The reasonable thing is to learn from those who can teach. - Sophocles
A short saying oft contains much wisdom. - Sophocles
Of all human ills, greatest is fortune's wayward tyranny. - Sophocles
How dreadful it is when the right judge judges wrong! - Sophocles
Wisdom outweighs any wealth. - Sophocles
To him who is in fear everything rustles. - Sophocles
A soul that is kind and intends justice discovers more than any sophist - Sophocles
Those swift to think are not always secure. - Sophocles
Prefiero, señor, obrar bien y fracasar, antes que triunfar con malas artes.Palabras de Neoptólemo a Odiseo, en la tragedia griega Filoctetes. - Sophocles
What you cannot enforce, do not command. - Sophocles
Money: There's nothing in the world so demoralizing as money. - Sophocles
Numberless are the world's wonders, but noneMore wonderful than man. - Sophocles
Knowledge must come through action; you can have no test which is not fanciful, save by trial. - Sophocles
The good befriend themselves. - Sophocles
Truly, to tell lies is not honorable;but when the truth entails tremendous ruin,To speak dishonorably is pardonable. - Sophocles
The end excuses any evil. - Sophocles
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