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A true warrior never dies. - Steven Chopade
Depend on the Source, not the extensions (people) and you'll have the REAL life. - Steven Chopade
Sometimes, God puts you in a position where you have no option but to trust Him. - Steven Chopade
Being unashamed is true humility. - Steven Chopade
There is no loss in any loss...if you recognize it! - Steven Chopade
It's more important to have the right intention behind your love than just having love. - Steven Chopade
Wondered why women are narrow-shouldered than men? Because they are needed to be cuddled. - Steven Chopade
Look beyond your marksheet; life is much bigger. - Steven Chopade
Your spiritual brain is wisdom. - Steven Chopade
The wisest of the wicked schemes are actually foolish. - Steven Chopade
Your tongue, His name. - Steven Chopade
Mockers = Crown Polishers - Steven Chopade
With every rising of the sun, the Son's glory rises upon us. - Steven Chopade
Staying aloof from what's keeping you away from Him is not works. - Steven Chopade
Bitterness is a choice, not an option. - Steven Chopade
Do little but be consistent. - Steven Chopade
Meditate on the Word within the closed walls of your heart to make it stronger through agape. - Steven Chopade
He's always preparing you for that glorious life, even in your tough times. - Steven Chopade
It hurts because He is treating your spiritual disease, just as a good medical practitioner does for his patients. - Steven Chopade
Ministering for others boosts your faith. - Steven Chopade
Try to be like someone and you'll lose the beauty of being you; relish His unique workmanship in you. - Steven Chopade
Your mind is the doorkeeper of your soul and heart the king. It's unwise to let the doorkeeper control the king. - Steven Chopade
Hide in the light, not darkness. - Steven Chopade
Pride is lacking in wisdom and not trusting Him (Proverbs 28:25-26). - Steven Chopade
He's waiting for you to end your struggles so that His grace can walk you out of the drowning water. - Steven Chopade
They be like what's the formula? I be like kiss the Son, kiss your worries goodbye. - Steven Chopade
The harder it gets, the closer you are. - Steven Chopade
He's (God's) always preparing you for that glorious life, even in your tough times. - Steven Chopade
Never taught to lose, but only win. - Steven Chopade
He wants to give you the best. Wait until the fruit gets ripened to relish completeness forever. - Steven Chopade
He can transform the incapability in you to do what the capables, even together, cannot do. - Steven Chopade
Don't rein in yourself 'cause it's raining reigning time. - Steven Chopade
Hang on! You're about to hang on to the "finish line" ribbon. - Steven Chopade
He told us to believe, not beg. - Steven Chopade
Light makes light even brighter, but does not cancel it. - Steven Chopade
We ain't dependent on social media to reveal our faith and joy. It shows from inside out, for real. - Steven Chopade
Before knowledge comes understanding, before understanding comes wisdom. - Steven Chopade
Don't just relish art, but also appreciate it. - Steven Chopade
Hiding in His service. - Steven Chopade
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