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Woman! She's mother, she's daughter, she's sister; she's a unique creation of God; her womb is also root cause of mankind; her shadow provides gallantry; her affection heals life into the languid body; love her, worship her, you'll find paradise. - Tanmaya Guru
Waves of my feelings are crossing the beach of my heart. - Tanmaya Guru
When I will be a billionaire, I will fill the smile on these crying face. - Tanmaya Guru
Without money the flute of life is also heard unturned. - Tanmaya Guru
God is also born again and again on this earth to enjoy the childhood. - Tanmaya Guru
God has not created the earth for your entertainment, He has created the earth to take your help to increase the beauty of the universe. - Tanmaya Guru
Success depends on your hard work, it's a very funny joke. - Tanmaya Guru
If you want to succeed then please break that relationship which is interfering with your brain. - Tanmaya Guru
Money! If you do not have, then you listen to me, I'm saying something. - Tanmaya Guru
The walls of the school can't stop the education. - Tanmaya Guru
Join my dreams, I will bring you a trip to paradise. - Tanmaya Guru
My work has been always presented to me in front of others by creating a unique individual. - Tanmaya Guru
Every night I share the pain of my heart with the Stars. - Tanmaya Guru
You have made a heaven across the impassable sky, but the planet Earth where you live have made her worse than hell. Are you humans stupid? - Tanmaya Guru
If you do work for me, then I will give you the peak of success. - Tanmaya Guru
See them so it seems that humanity is dead. - Tanmaya Guru
God will give me the place where I don't know, but I want to go to heaven because there is my friends are waiting for me. - Tanmaya Guru
My soul also feel proud from my work. - Tanmaya Guru
God is also need money to sustain his existence on this earth. - Tanmaya Guru
If you want to open, come close to me, I have a key which can open the locked door of your destiny. - Tanmaya Guru
Nature! I think it my duty to serve its beauty. - Tanmaya Guru
At the age of my play this country gave me a stone on my head. - Tanmaya Guru
I myself not dwells, the only people are dwells in underlying aim of my each work. - Tanmaya Guru
My character is beyond your every thought, and I'm different from your every character. - Tanmaya Guru
Without the money your life is like a colorless painting. - Tanmaya Guru
Would you work for me? I will gush of majesty on your head. - Tanmaya Guru
I have lost my smile inside the dim nature of people. - Tanmaya Guru
The money is the only source of smile for the poor. - Tanmaya Guru
Doesn't need help of friends to climb to the peak, the need to have lofty aspirations. - Tanmaya Guru
Fighting with the pain I made him my friend. - Tanmaya Guru
I have a cottage in a dense forest and the animals of the forest are members of my cottage. - Tanmaya Guru
My mind is sharp, my luck is fast, nothing is impossible for me. - Tanmaya Guru
बूढ़ों के हाथ शासन सैनिकों को दुर्बल तथा देश को पंगु कर देता है। - Tanmaya Guru
I myself always to keep alive I'll enjoy the beauty of nature at close quarters. - Tanmaya Guru
Childhood is trying to find his future and frustrating has become his destiny. - Tanmaya Guru
Because of you my golden childhood is lost in the corridors of wastes. - Tanmaya Guru
Mother! Believe me, this word is more sacred than the name of Lord Ram. - Tanmaya Guru
I have a repository of knowledge, but I have no money, it means I have no respect. - Tanmaya Guru
I think loneliness is much better than companionship of a selfish. - Tanmaya Guru
I'm a writer, but I'm not writing to entertain you, I'm writing to keep alive my knowledge. - Tanmaya Guru
Humanity isn't just a work, but it's a divine nature which makes you God. - Tanmaya Guru
I don't like to meet with people smiles, I always like to meet with the pain of people. - Tanmaya Guru
I want to get away from people, I want to kill myself. - Tanmaya Guru
Children and rain, both are intimate friends. - Tanmaya Guru
Nature is the my best teacher. - Tanmaya Guru
My goal has been willing to kiss my feet. - Tanmaya Guru
For friendship I have nobody else except the volcano. - Tanmaya Guru
On the power of money a physically disabled person can be married with a Miss World. - Tanmaya Guru
I don't know what is in my destiny, but I want to be sitting on top of the highest peak of the sky. - Tanmaya Guru
Today, childhood is trying to find his future in the trash. - Tanmaya Guru
My existence is just an unfamiliar name and nothing else. - Tanmaya Guru
I'm not running behind my puberty, I'm running behind my dreams. - Tanmaya Guru
Except the human all are crying seeing my pain. - Tanmaya Guru
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