Quotation Explorer - 'Terence'

Charity begins at home. - Terence
What is done let us leave alone. - Terence
So many men so many questions. (Quot Homines Tot Sententiae) - Terence
Time heals all wounds. - Terence
Moderation in all things. - Terence
Fortune helps the brave. - Terence
Too much liberty corrupts us all. - Terence
I am a human being, so nothing human is strange to me. - Terence
Terence, this is stupid stuff:You eat your victuals fast enough;There can't be much amiss, 'tis clear,To see the rate you drink your beer. - A.E. Housman
In fact, nothing is said that has not been said before. - Terence
Their silence is sufficient praise. - Terence
There is a demand in these days for men who can make wrong appear right. - Terence
I am a man: I hold that nothing human is alien to me. - Terence
You believe that easily which you hope for earnestly. - Terence
Nothing is said that has not been said before. - Terence
I have everything, yet have nothing; and although I possess nothing, still of nothing am I in want. - Terence
There is nothing so easy but that it becomes difficult when you do it reluctantly. - Terence
I am a man, and whatever concerns humanity is of interest to me. - Terence
That is true wisdom, to know how to alter one's mind when occasion demands it. - Terence
I bid him look into the lives of men as though into a mirror, and from others to take an example for himself. - Terence
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