Quotation Explorer - 'The Covert Comic'

Every Friday is black where I work. - The Covert Comic
The real mystery isn't what's under the redaction mark, but what's above it. - The Covert Comic
I'd rather have less time than I think, than less think than I have time. - The Covert Comic
Secret 7591.42.21. Avoiding weasel words in your intelligence analysis isn't easy when your intelligence analysis is about weasels. - The Covert Comic
Black graffiti on a black helicopter. - The Covert Comic
If we get a 3D printer at the office, the first thing I’m printing with it is a new 3D printer just for me! - The Covert Comic
Philadelphia is just the tip of the Pittsburgh. - The Covert Comic
Secret 3963. It’s only a sucking chest wound if you’re not the shooter. - The Covert Comic
The Occupy Wall Street movement faltered when activists realized that traders were quite busy already. - The Covert Comic
The medium is the message, the message is encrypted, and the encryption key is controlled by NSA. - The Covert Comic
Ever notice that phrenologists have funny-shaped heads? - The Covert Comic
Paradigm shift: does that come before swing shift or after? - The Covert Comic
Conduct Covert UAV Operations Naked - The Covert Comic
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